We do our best to provide an excelent service to all of our clients. A result of that is our strong Warranty System in which we support the terms of of all of our brand's products.

All of our brands have different policies and terms depending on the product. So we urge our customers to inform themseves about the conditions of each of the brands on their respective website. Products like bicycles and some components require proper registration on the manufacturer's website for the validation of the extended warranty.

El Sprinter S.A., as the official distributor of the brand, will adress all the warranty claims based on the manufacturers' terms and conditions. All warranty is restricted to manufacturing defects, unless stated by the product's manufacturer. The warranty system does not cover defects caused by ordinary use and wear, accidental impact or inadecuate use or instalation. Signs of negligence and evident lack of maintenance can also void the product's warranty.

Process for Warranty Claim

If your product presents malfunction or manufacturing defects, please contact the bikeshop or store where the purchase was made. Please provide the original receipt as well as your contact information. Depending on the product and it's condition, the product can be replaced inmediately or taken in for further inspection.

Refunds and replacement

Once the warranty has been approved, all product replacements or refunds will be claimed at the bikeshop or store where the original purchase took place.

Should you have any queries or require any further information, please leave us a message here.